Reflections & Projections (Happy New Year! Now Let’s Paint.)

365 Days Closer  (Reflection)

Isol goes viral / Russell Wilson throws The game winning spiral (sorry dad) / Bam shakes hands with US rival / Kendrick & Lecrae bring God to the grammy’s / gay men get married / cops go phsyco / eyes on Ifle / Baltimore pyro-protest / no less rights to rifle / Steph breaks vinyl / then takes title / and states bible / memes are vital / primal man as female idol / gendergyro / pro-choice exposed and chose denial / 70 degrees on Christmas eve / and we’re officially 365 days closer to the final…

365 Days To Go (Projection)

I recently asked my 11 year old son a question, and as he pondered it, I added “don’t guess!” His response was “I’ll give an educated guess, it’s not guessing, it’s different.”

When I think of what the new year will bring I have to consider all the evidence and make an educated guess. Everyone love’s a fresh start, and, the new year at least seems to provide that to some degree. Each new day, hour, and minute provides a fresh start. If only we were intentional enough to seize the moments and opportunities perpetually presented. On the flip side of the new beginnings coin, is the natural sequence of reaping sown seed. 2016 will not be determined by our hopes, wishes, resolutions, or even actions on New Year’s Eve or on the morning of Jan. 1, 2016. Instead it will be the fruition of all we planted, cultivated and invested in- in the prior days, months, and years leading up to this time. The “365 Days Closer” poem is a summary snap shot of the trajectory we’re on. So… Based on that, here is my projection for the year 2016.

  • America as a society will collectively, and openly wrestle with the subject of God, and the christian faith prompted by people of influence in sports, media, and enterainment. The existence and authority of God will be heavily debated, challenged, and considered as a response to great human pain and suffering, as well as signs and wonders (miracles.) More so, in 2016 than ever before. Perhaps Dr. Ben Carson will be elected president. It’s likely the South Bronx will undergo gentrification. In regards to morals, rights, wrongs, good, and evil, the grey area may broaden even more. My hope is that the arts flourish, and social entrepenuers such as myself will prosper. I’d like to see more folks abandon the asssembly line and begin tampering with trajectories. Putting purpose and passion before profit, opting to start small bussiness opposed to working for big cooperations. The new year is a blank canvas just waiting for paint; and my educated guess is that in big fat bold letters “GOD” will be plastered across the center of it.

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