Merry Mass Consumption & Happy New Debts? (Mr. Hip Pop on The Holiday Hustle)

$pending The Holidays With Santa Cost.  

Go ahead and call me scrooge, but I’m becoming more and more bewildered by the emphasis put on spending a ton of money on consuming things during the Christmas season; Things, or should I say stuff that we likely will forget about by the spring time. Although the misunderstanding of the holiday is wack all together, it’s especially wack to see our middle to lower class people struggling to pay bills yet annually increasing their debt, while paying Santa’s mortgage because the culture says so. 

Mom & Pops Boost The Economy

Spending isn’t necessarily a bad thing, the key is moderation, and appropriation. Instead of pouring millions of dollars into billion dollar cooperations, we can invest in local business, non profits, the arts, mom and pop shops, etc. This will benefit the economy, but more importantly our community.

Lebron is cool, so is the brother KD, but their kicks are in no way shape or form reasonably affordable for the demographic they market to.

Instead of coppin’ ridiculously overpriced sneakers because everyone else around the way is doing the same, we decided to hire a friend, and local artist to custom design kicks for our kids. Moving money around can be a good thing, a great thing, but we have to be wise in how we do so. I guess it’s convenient this revelation of Christmas economics occurred to me long after my childhood years when I benefitted most from the conspiracy of mass consumption. Thanks Dad, Sorry kids. 

Presents VS Presence

Are we placing more value in things than in people? Do you remember what you got for Christmas last year? I don’t, but I do remember who I spent Christmas day with. Recently a friend of mine expressed the stress of not being able to afford more gifts for his kids this year. What made me sad isn’t the fact that he can’t afford more gifts, but the fact that he’s placing his value as a man, and a father in material, and temporary things.

I told him, “Your presence is far more valuable than any present.” 

The Gift Wrapped In Swaddling Clothes (A Christmas Story)

The bible is like humanity’s gigantic Christmas wish list, including all of our deepest needs, and desires, combined with the story of the only sufficient gift wrapped in swaddling clothes that hung on a tree for you and me. Christians celebrate the birth of Christ on Christmas, everything else is secondary. 

Luke 2:12  And this shall be a sign unto you; ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger.


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