No Ordinary Living Room

Once a month Dame and I visit the Bronxworks living room homeless shelter and provide a creative writing workshop.

There is a beauty in brokenness that cannot be captured by any of the many wonderful art forms humanity has to offer. A benevolent beauty that subtly shows itself in the most unsuspecting moments. Detrimental decisions and disappointments develop into desolate days of debris covering all corners of the mind, hardening the heart that longs for tenderness.  Yet there is A heroism possessed by the humble, who strive to find peace in the pieces. Stand close enough to a broken heart and you will hear what it beats for. Get close enough to the eyes that have cried tsunamis and you will see the depth of sorrow as deep as the endless sea. Come close enough to touch the untouchable and you will feel the warmth of love that is still alive just waiting to be revived.


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