Righteous Steps Music Video

Title & credits:

“Righteous Steps” written & produced by Randy Mason of Jesus Peace

Video shot and edited by Eric Mason of LS Productions

No label

Video release date: 5/15/15

Story behind the song & video:
I wrote this song to express the mission of Jesus The Messiah coming to earth as a man, to illustrate his focus, & compassion as each day he lived & walked out his purpose until the day of completion; being obedient to the call even unto death. I wanted to deliver it in a fun and fresh way. I decided to deliver it kind of like a children’s story.
Next I asked my brother (Eric Mason) to come over and film the video at my apt. with my kids and I. All of my 5 children are featured in the video. Right before we started filming my beloved neighbor (a dear friend) asked if his son could come over & hang out with my kids. So of course we said sure! And that’s how little David got to be in the video. This experience was a ton of fun. I hope you all are blessed by the work.


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