Searching For A Magician

I am searching for a magician A mission indeed I’m searching for a magician With precision and speed

Not a sword wielding man with a girl in a box But a sorcerer or sorts Squeezing water from rocks Societies freak

No God of the Greek A hidden antique This person I seek I’ve heard of a book Kept way in the back Who’s pages contain an unraveled map Not only unraveled

un-traveled as well Master the spell And plaster the tale To be told by the old in the land where you dwell And sung by the young sailors at sail

From the bottomless blue Even heard by the whales To the highest of trails Where hikers prevail

I’m searching for a magician a mission indeed I’m searching for a magician Who will listen and heed Not simply an illusionist With tricks up his sleeve For A full deck of cards is not what I need I’ll pay in cash ill pay in checks

I’ll pay til there is nothing left I’ll pay in blood ill pay in sweat I’ll work for free Till free of debt There is only one thing I will ask in return To be taught of a trick I absolutely must learn This selfish desire like fire it burns my family and friends will be very concerned My intention is not to entertain nor impress

I only have one simple request To accomplish my goal by fulfilling this quest And to do so without making much of a mess I’ve found a magician Sufficient indeed I’ve found the magician Who simply agreed I wrote him a letter though he could not read He said he could sense my need to be freed We spoke About life and the places we’ve been And then it was time for us to begin He said only this once and never again And just for a day that’s all I can lend Now Just like This candle flickering dim You may disappear in the whistling wind


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