Today is Tomorrow (Right Now)


If only I knew yesterday that tomorrow would be today…

Now that I know, I’ve decided to be today what previously I only hoped to become tomorrow


Mr. John Mccullough told me to write on

write now

My grandfather said the same in different words before he ran out of tomorrows

Dreams are not only meant for sleeping

but living

visions are not only meant for seeing

but achieving

what good is a map without a willing traveler?

Only a series of seconds separate tomorrow from today

today from yesterday

the past from the present

and the present from the future

so i’ll write now

write away

and when I wait

let it be on The Lord

and not the approval of men

because today they say Hosanna

and tomorrow they shout crucifixion

so let now be the time we esteem most important

not yesterday nor tomorrow

neither earlier or later today

but only the now

write now

right now

Today is Tomorrow.


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